Invest in Georgia. Invest in People.

A well-educated workforce is the strongest motor of economic growth. That’s why investing in the people of Georgia will by my first priority as Commissioner of Labor. That means expanding and revitalizing our career centers, serving our veterans and working families, supporting infrastructure development, and ensuring fairness and opportunity. 


Expand Career Centers

The key to high-paying jobs is education and training. Many of Georgia’s career centers have been cut back or closed over the past eight years, leaving Georgia with one the nation’s highest disparities in job preparedness and opportunity. I will work with educational institutions, business, labor and community leaders to create career centers that empower our citizens to prepare for high-paying jobs and continued training as they move through their working careers.

Serve our Veterans

As a US Navy veteran, I understand the challenges our service members face in the transition to civilian life. Serving the people who served us is not only the right thing to do, it makes Georgia stronger and more competitive. By collaborating with Veterans groups, the VA and our military bases, I will ensure veterans can transfer their acquired skills into the Georgia workplace. 

Fight Workplace Discrimination

Investing in Georgians means working for inclusion in the workplace. I will fight against discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation and gender identity and will appoint boards and advisory councils that are inclusive and representative of the diversity of Georgia.

Transform our Prisons into Colleges

Expanding educational opportunities to prisoners has been proven to reduce recidivism and government spending. I will work with our colleges, G.E.D. and vocational training programs to help prisoners gain the job qualifications they need to reenter the workforce. 

Support Infrastructure Development

How many man-hours do Georgians waste sitting in traffic? As Labor Commissioner, I will be a voice for sustainable transit options that contribute to jobs growth, increased productivity and better the quality of life in Georgia. 

Stop Wage Theft and Misclassification

“A fair-day’s pay for a fair-day’s work” is how Georgia should respect its workers. Employers who refuse to pay or underpay their workers, place companies that do obey the rules at a disadvantage. As Labor Commissioner I will fight for the resources needed to ensure all Georgians are treated fairly.